Created by the Players, for the Players

As with anything that grows up from the grass roots, HomeOfChess Academy started by a community of people who loved the game with determination to see its community to Grow by all means which eventually gave birth to the Academy in our beautiful Dubai.

HomeOfChess Family grow in Strength Before numbers, The Organic Organizational took off with Generous Support of the founders, Making to start with a regional Chess Hub, for The Chess Enthusiasts. From these humble beginnings the HomeOfChess Academy has grown to include hundreds of members from all across the world. We Teach and Train ALL levels, Organize Tournaments, workshops, Very Active in The Chess in schools Programs including a number of important partners and affiliates, Accredited by FIDE, UAE Chess Federation, Branching into Beautiful Kuwait with Kuwait Chess Federation.

Growing our Members, Fans, friends Circles with full Social Responsibility !

We invite you to join us and share our shared love for Chess !!

Did you know…that Chess training has been shown to improve academic performance?

Researchers have been studying the effects of chess on the developing brain since the middle of the last century. They’ve documented positive impacts on grades, test scores, behavior, and an impressive array of cognitive skills.

Two dramatic changes occur in the brain of a young chess player. Dendrites proliferate and grow larger, and the development of the prefrontal cortex speeds up